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Nichole Adler

Medical Device Consultant

Nichole’s specialty is envisioning systems in innovative ways to ensure a win-win for shareholders and stakeholders. Founder of Summit Clinical Research, Nichole contracted with Fortune 500 Companies like Bristol-Meyers Squibb and Johnson & Johnson, as well as Astellas and Orthofix. She developed a new paradigm for study management in which data collection was so complete and accurate, sponsors were concerned the FDA would question its validity. No worries though, inspectors agreed it was legit! And Investigators, contractors and staff members were thrilled with the ease of using the system as well as the generous paychecks!

Nichole realized she had a knack for business during her nursing career. She was asked to evaluate the financial viability of a hospital unit which was in the red, with a history of concerning issues . Instead of focusing on financials, she spent time with the staff – not just nurses, but family MDs, surgeons and surgery staff, physical therapists and housekeeping. She sought to understand their motivations and desires, to gather their recommendations for improvement and to analyze the root cause of the problems. Utilizing the information gathered, Nichole stayed for a year to support establishment a lucrative self-pay service line, additional insurance paid service line, and expanded the surgical population with specialty capital equipment. A culture of cooperation was cultivated and systems initiated in which both patients and staff members were well-cared for. The hospital was also pleased that within that year, the unit was back in the black!

“I believe strongly that no one can do their jobs well without targeted, structured systems and support of the entire team. Everyone is important to optimal functioning of the enterprise and all voices should be heard. No one wakes up in the morning and hopes they will fail at their job that day, but if they work within an unsupportive system, they have no ability to succeed.” – Nichole Adler