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Our visionary founder, Dr. Sabrina Curtis, comes from humble beginnings. Dr. Curtis was a low-income student that faced countless financial roadblocks that threatened to derail her academic and entrepreneurial pursuits. At Khanjur, we empathize with students who face the daunting costs of higher education and the underrepresentation of women and minorities in STEM careers. Khanjur’s outreach program was designed to promote education and workforce development for low-income individuals, women, and minorities to level the playing field and give everyone a fair shot at realizing their dreams.

Outreach Initiative

Khanjur’s outreach initiative is based in three programs:

Early exposure to R&D, innovation, and entrepreneurship gives students a head start on their academic and career trajectory. Our internship programs for high school and university students are designed to be the catalyst that guides future STEM leaders along their career pathway.
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Materials science and engineering is essential to the development of next generation technologies because technological innovations usually originate from interdisciplinary fields. Material science is not widely accessible to K-12 students, who are missing out on the opportunity for a rewarding STEM major that will give them diverse career opportunities after graduation. Khanjur’s goal is to provide early education on material science to grow the discipline at the collegiate level and beyond.

Hands-on labs designed to teach K-12 students about the STEM concepts discussed in Khanjur Education.

Diversity and Equality in STEM

By establishing partnerships with local organizations and the University of Maryland, Khanjur can offer STEM opportunities to underrepresented minorities in their chosen field. We will ensure any disadvantaged demographics get fair access to STEM programs. Everyone should have a chance to demonstrate their merit.

We are looking for local STEM partners (clubs, schools, non-profits) in the Maryland, DC, and Virginia area to support our mission! We are also looking for sponsorship to financially support our endeavours! Please contact or if you are interested in either partnering us or sponsoring our mission.