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Amy Peshku

Technical Coordinator

Amy is a Technical Coordinator employed by Khanjur R&D, a multi-faceted role that requires her to apply technical expertise in the laboratory and provide business and legal strategy. In addition to performing core engineering tasks for Khanjur such as simulations, designs, and hands-on prototyping using Khanjur’s proprietary methods, she also executes patent and grant proposals. Amy graduated from the University of Maryland in 2023 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. Her scientific curiosity and passion for the medical field guided her to participate in formative internships with university faculty. She has prior experience working with a neurovascular phantom to test the functionality of a new catheter design via simulation. She has a wide range of experience in various modeling software and is excited to use these skills to help the Khanjur team.

She plans to go to law school in the future to become a patent attorney or an intellectual property strategist. She feels that “While witnessing emerging technologies is an exciting prospect, the most important contribution to me is the assurance of proper documentation. Sadly, the innovations of marginalized groups are often stolen and monetized by more privileged individuals or powerful organizations who reap the benefits and assume the credit. People should have proper ownership of their ideas and designs. I also want to be involved in the process to advise more designers to make their inventions accessible. Everyone, regardless of background, should have equal access to new and potentially life-changing technologies.”