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Transforming the future


transforming the future

From Academia to Government and Private Industry

Stretchable Electronics

Auxetic Superelastic TiNiCuCo Thin-Films for Stretchable Electronics

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Shape Memory Alloys

Integration of Aluminum Nitride Piezoelectric Thin-Films on Ultralow Fatigue TiNiCu Shape Memory Alloys

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High Voltage Lithium-Ion Batteries

Improving the Safety and Sustainability of High Voltage Lithium-Ion Batteries Through the Electrolyte and Separator Region

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Shape Memory Silicon Bimorph Actuators

Temperature Homogenization of Co-Integrated Shape Memory — Silicon Bimorph Actuators

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Bi-Directional Micro Actuation

TiNiHf/SiO2/Si Shape Memory Film Composites for Bi-Directional Actuation

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Wearable Electronics

Flexible Electronics: Structural Anisotropy in Stretchable Silicon

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Sustainable High Capacity Energy Storage

Temperature-Dependent Vapor Infiltration of Sulfur into Highly Porous Hierarchical Three-Dimensional Conductive Carbon Networks for Lithium Ion Battery Applications

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