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Transforming the future

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Transforming the future

Sustaining and Disruptive Technologies

Auxetic Implantable Stents

Cardiac, vascular, gastrointestinal, urinary, biliary stents or in vivo biosensor implants based on thin-film shape memory alloys fashioned into novel stretchable auxetic structures.  


Development of both nano and micro components such as sensors, actuators, motors, pumps, resonators, and beams based on silicon, carbon allotropes, PDMS and other smart materials.

Stretchable Electronics

Microfabrication solutions for the development of stretchable semiconducting devices and superelastic materials for medical, electronic, and aerospace applications.   

Wearable Biosensors

In vitro biosensor development for point of care testing and drug delivery or to measure and communicate other pertinent physical, chemical, biological or environmental parameters.

Piezoelectric Thin Films

Miniaturization of electronic components is vital to reduce the weight and waste in devices moving forward, with applications in almost every industry from auto to aero and energy to medicine.

Superelastic and              Shape Memory Alloys

Tuning phase transformation properties of nickel-titanium-based SMAs and development of novel applications with SMA thin-films.

Materials Characterization

Structural, chemical, thermal, electrical or other properties of materials to increase efficiency, cost effectiveness, capacity, durability, sustainability, or any other desired parameter.